How To Develop Your Mind Control Power – Grasp The 4 Keys Traits Of An Authoritative Leader

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image People listen to you if you have the power and behaves like a leader.

They have the power of irresistible influence. That can attract anyone like magnet.


In the same way, people listen to kings and nobility with high status, you can get others to listen to you when you grasp the 4 key traits of an authoritative leaders.

What are they?

Authoritative Traits #1 – Calmness

A good leader is always calm and collected. Cool as a cucumber. Even in the most threatening of situations, he is unruffled. Nothing fazes him.

You want to emulate this exact same body languages.

The way you talk as a leader is important too.

If you are going to speak hesitantly with lotsa of “uhmmms” and “ahhhh”, what does that tell others about you?

You are basically saying you are hesitant and lack confidence.

That can kill off your credibility. And severely erode your persuasive power.

The Importance of Tonality in Conversational Hypnosis

image When you say something – HOW you say it is much more impactful than WHAT you say.

Say you want to tell a person to scram. You shout, “GET THE HELL OUR OF HERE!”

Now that’s forceful.

Can you imagine if you were to squeal that say line in a hesitant low tone manner?

Can you feel the difference?

On the flipside, if you want someone to relax…you are not going to shout at him to RELAX!

You want to be telling him in a soft soothing voice to say, “I want you to reeelaxxxxxxxxx now.”

There’s a big big difference in how it will turn out depending on your tonality.

To deliver a line with conviction, your mind must be in tune with the nature of the message you want to bring across.

If you want to bring across “excitement”, put that in your voice.

If you want to give a rousing speech, deliver it with an oomph. Depending on the what you want to say, it’s always important to first activate the “theme in your head.

3 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid When You Want To Create Rapport – Part 1

image When done well, creating rapport can be an extremely powerful way to connect to a person.

And to gain his trust. So that you will be in a position to easily persuade him to your bidding.


Creating rapport is about forming a bond with the other person. You want him to like you.

But doing the wrong stuff can quickly destroy whatever rapport you have created.

So what are the deadly rapport killing mistakes you want to avoid?


1. Trying To Be Too Nice (And Looking Like A Wuss)

Covert persuasion is about being in control. Your intention is to control his mind to get him to listen to you.

Being nice is generally a good way a rapport going. But being too nice is definitely not NICE!

Why? You are seen as a wimp. A wussy even. It’s like you are bending over to others.

You don’t want to create that image. Because you can lose your “attractiveness”.

Don’t be nice to an extent that hinders your capability communicate your thoughts and feelings.

And also when you are too nice – you may appear as insincere. Everyone hates a faker!

How To Appear Like An Authoritative Leader For Powerful Influence Over Others

conversational hypnosis, barack obama, authority strategy of influence

People listen to leaders.

We are hard wired to follow people we deem as authoritative. People with power.


Subconsciously, we yearn to be like them. The air of superiority and power can be over-powering.

As a covert hypnotist, you want to get that “power”. You have to be..and appear in control.

You want to learn how? Easy. Model after successful actors or presidents. Those who have the high status.

Look at John F Kennedy. The charismatic president of USA who got the whole nation captivated.

He is calm and composed. His delivery of speech is unhurried and smooth. He is poised and confident.

When he walks, he doesn’t slouch. He stand straights.

There is no hint of hesitation.

You get the feeling he is in total control. He is DAA MAN!

Look at Barack Obama. It’s the same thing with him. See how he commands the crowd? And how he influences and control their minds?

That’s what I call hypnotic influence in action.

And that’s what you want to emulate. All the body language that tells other you are a dominant person. Not in a negative way. But in an “awe-inspiring” manner.

Why Igor Ledochowski’s Conversational Hypnosis? This Full Review Exposed All…

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Things could certainly be tad simpler. But that aside, “The Power of Conversational Hypnosis” Course is an absolute monster of a training program.

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Uncovered: How To Covertly Persuade Your Audience By Telling Him A Story

Convert Hypnosis Training

Covert Persuasion and Conversational Hypnosis TrainingAnyone who tells a story owns an audience. Be it at the dinner table at a gathering, a lunchtime conversation with your colleague, or a presenter on stage.



Even the movies and drama you watch are stories themselves. So what’s the power behind a story?

Power of a story

Do not underestimate how much a story can influence you…

Stories are a powerful way of organizing and sharing individual experience and ideas. A carefully told story allows you to understand things better by putting things in context. You can then use your imagination and thought to put together a picture of the people, objects, places and events happening in the story. While doing so, your mind is working to explore and co-create shared realities with the storyteller, and drawing your own conclusions.

The power of a story is that strong – being able to communicate in imagery, capture emotions and to tap into your empathy.

The more we understand the power of a story, the more we are able to:

  • Shape the stories that shape our lives, whether as an individual, or as part of a group.

Conversational Hypnosis Revealed: How To Establish Immediate Rapport Using Pacing and Mirroring


Conversational Hypnosis Review, Techniques - Pacing To Establish Rapport

One of the principles behind conversational hypnosis is that in order to get someone to like you – you got to establish a bond with him.

Build up rapport. That’s it.


No fancy tricks here. We want to create an environment whereby there exist a comfortable zone between you and the other party.

How to do so? Utilize the power of pacing and mirroring.

Let me explain.

When we are interacting with someone, we are connecting on a verbal and non verbal basis. We talk, gesture and move our body to bring a point across.

Remember – in order – to get someone on your side…you must first put yourself on his side. And make him feel that way.

That’s where pacing and mirroring come in.

For example, the person you are speaking to in talking in a slow measure manner in a low tone.

You want to mirror his tonality, tempo, rhythm and speech pace. When he feels in tune with you, he will immediately develop a subconscious liking for you.

Because he will feel like you are one of his own.

How To Use Conversational Hypnotic Words To “Enchant” Anyone


Advanced Covert Conversational Hynotism CD- WordsTo get the attention of someone, and draw them in…it’s a lot about the choice of words you use.

Like copywriting, conversational hypnotism is all about the clever use of persuasive hypnotic power words  to entice and compel people into listening to you…and doing what you want.

A very powerful way of application is to get someone to buy from you.

You want to use persuasive and “hot” words to trigger their emotional hot buttons.

If we are to use the normal words like we do in our typical conversation, we might have trouble convincing, because the words we usually speak lack the extra ’spark’ and ‘emotional-inducing’ elements.

With effective emotional triggering words and phrases, it can make a major difference to your conversion.

I compiled a list of 50 hypnotic words that can help to spice up your copy and give it an ‘extra’ magic.

Here goes – my list of 50 enchanting words you can covertly use – to your strategic advantage:










The Untold Truth Behind Conversational Hypnosis


The hidden beauty of conversational hypnosis trainig - revealed and reviewed.If you are reading this page, it means you are probably are a little or have some interest in the power of conversational hypnosis. And also .



Contrary to what  a lot of people think, there really aren’t a lot of dark “secrets” or mystery behind covert hypnotism. You may even be using them yourself. As you bring persuasion to your everyday conversations.

The difference is in how effective you are. Conversational hypnosis brings in a whole new dimension to power persuasion. To a magnified level. A higher plane.

Let me explain…

In a nutshell, conversational hypnosis is about persuading and getting someone to see it your way. Your point of view. And give you the ability to control their minds to a path you want them to walk.

And it’s all done in a subtle subconscious way.

And that’s why it sometimes called covert persuasion – because you can get others to listen to you and they themselves may not even realize you are applying conversational hypnosis on them. This is truly ninja technique.